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Trey Crisp, owner and principal designerat Southern Gardener, is a graduate of The University of Georgia: College of Environmental Design's Landscape Architecture program. He holds a B.L.A. from the university. He specializes in residential design in which "bridging the built environment to the surrounding landscape provides a sense of place for an individual'soutdoorroom, much like the interior of a home has defined roomseach withcertain purposes."

He is a memberof both the Emerging Green Builder's Societyand Georgiachapter of theAmerican Society of Landscape Architecture.

He served as a crew foreman for Garden South Landscaping and Design in Athens, Georgia--a design &build firm--before interning at Breedlove Landplanning--a Landscape Architecture and Engineering Firm--in Conyers, Georgia. Upon graduation from The University of Georgia heopened Southern Gardener to facilitate his passionfor landscape architecture.

Brian Choate is now working as an independent contractor for Southern Gardener--when he has time away from his other projects. He resides in Athens, Georgia and most recently assisted in the Hanson Project featured on the Southern Gardener Home Page and at Southern Gardener's Facebook Page: Buy azithromycin 250mg online

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